Self Approval

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. – Mark Twain

When we do not approve of our behaviours and actions we spend a good portion of our time feeling self conscious, judged, and uncomfortable in general. Anyone who has ever doubted themselves or been hard on themselves knows this to be true.

On the other hand, when we approve of ourselves we open up the door for life to flow through us. We feel happy, free, and able to do just about anything. A certain inner freedom and peacefulness overcomes us.

The lack of self approval is a huge obstacle when it comes to personal growth. We may have all the tools that we need to be successful and to grow, but may feel a certain inner resistance. No matter how much we try or how logically certain we are that we deserve to grow, we just can’t seem to. We feel stuck. And because we feel stuck, we begin to fill our heads with self defeating, self sabotaging talk, which is the polar opposite of self approval.

Below are 5 steps to self approval:

  1. Identify the most common limiting beliefs that you find within your own self talk. For example: “I can’t do anything right” or “I’m not good enough”.
  2. Once you have identified these negative core beliefs, challenge these thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. For example “Everyone makes mistakes, I will do better the next time.” Or “I am just as good everyone else. I deserve to win!”
  3. Stay mindful and whenever you notice the negative thoughts creeping back in, interrupt them with a positive thought immediately.
  4. Show some self appreciation and do something nice for yourself. Compliment your abilities and dwell on the things that you do well.
  5. Write two self appreciations each day for a week. At the end of the week, read your self appreciations out loud and with enthusiasm! Save your list and feel free to add on to it as you think of more things to appreciate yourself for. Read over your lists often, but especially when you are doubting yourself.


Welcome! This blog was designed so that you and I will have a place to visit when we just want to share with each other how grateful we are for the wonderful things in our lives and or our accomplishments. Or for when we have some inspiration that we think others will enjoy and benefit from. Even just to share a humorous anecdote or a favorite quote. You are more than welcomed to share it here.

On the flip side, when we are down or need to be inspired, we can come here to be uplifted and find a smile. It’s kind of like an ant preparing for the winter. I will start with a quote:

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.” – Dr. Maya Angelou

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