How Can a Life Coach Help You?


Simply put, a Life Coach has one purpose…to help you.

As your Life Coach, I will come into your life and help you to gain clarity about what you really want and really desire in life. 

I will help you to understand your emotions and your actions. I’ll be by your side, every step of the way, as you learn to reach deep down inside of yourself. Then together we will identify those limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

By getting to know you as a person and asking the right questions, I will help you to reach and realize your goals and aspirations, in your personal and professional life. 

Together we will explore and identify your deepest desires and then devise a plan of action to get you there! 

I will challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone; because it is only there that you can make exceptional progress and achieve your goals. It is there that I will help you to remove those sabotaging core beliefs that continue to keep the successes you desire out of reach. 

Together we will tackle the pain,fear, regret, desire, and love, no matter how it may manifest itself. 

Whether it be low self esteem, shame, grief… evident in the mind, soul, or body. Together, we will overcome these and any other obstacles and core beliefs that are counter-productive to the person you truly are. 

As your Life Coach, simply put, I will help you to make your dreams your reality.


Lisa Addison C.P.C.

Transformational Life Coach