What I Do

I help people from all walks of life who are suffering with anxiety and social stigmas to deal with stress, feel empowered, understand their worth, and achieve their goals.

My Objective

As your Life Coach, my main objective is to get you to a place of certainty. A place where you know exactly what you want to achieve in your life. Once we get there, we will devise a plan to make your vision, your reality! I will help you to develop coping skills to deal with stress and anxiety and help you to connect with your loved ones again. I will help you find your self worth and achieve your goals. You will feel empowered and in control of your world again!

About Me

orig_5377_022R6Hello! My name is Lisa Addison and I am a certified Transfermational Life Coach, with NLP certification amongst many other things. I am also a manager, a spouse, a daughter, a niece, a sister, an aunt, a friend. I am many things to many people, yet far, far from perfect. BUT… at the end of the day, I am completely dedicated and committed to helping others achieve their goals and live their dreams. I have worked in the corporate industry for 13 years. In those 13 years, I have, as they say, “climbed the corporate ladder”. I’ve done pretty well for myself and my family and I have achieved what I think most people would consider a successful and desirable career, BUT… it lacks fulfillment and passion.

Working in the Emergency Services departments however, provided no lack of fulfillment and passion! Helping others and saving lives really did it for me! I loved being a first responder! So, I thought, what else could I do to serve my community and help people live the life they deserve and want? Then, I remembered wanting to be a Life Coach many years back. While I had not pursued it at that time, I never stopped thinking about it. Then finally, one day, I accepted the reality; who better to help others than me?

All of my life, helping others has come naturally to me. It’s not only what I enjoy doing, it’s a part of who I am. I decided it was time to pursue my passion and become a Life Coach! I am truly looking forward to working with you and I greatly appreciate this opportunity to be your Life Coach!

Lisa Addison C.P.C.

Transformational Life Coach